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ECOE deliver community-owned renewable projects to benefit the people of Exeter

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ECOE’s first project harnessing the power of the sun

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ECOE’s largest rooftop solar installation at Exeter College

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We have eight sites (400 kWp) all generating solar energy and lowering costs of the sites energy

exeter community energy

is an innovative social enterprise that enables local people to take ownership of renewable energy projects.

As a community-owned coop, we want to benefit the city, its people and the environment. One element of this is sharing the financial benefits between shareholders, a fund for community projects and investment in further energy projects.

We now have eight rooftop solar installations at Shillingford Organics, Wonford Community and Learning Centre, Exeter Central Library, Great Moor House, Exeter College, Pinhoe Rd Baptist Church, Glasshouse Lane Medical Centre and The Beehive Community Complex in Honiton.

These installations are just the start we hope. We are currently investigating other possible solar rooftop installations, the potential for a renewable heat project and a household energy saving project.

Community energy projects are making a difference across the country, strengthening communities, helping the local economy and reconnecting people to the energy they use, as they became producers as well as consumers.

Our aim is to bring together people who are interested in building a sustainable future for our community, who care about climate change and the depletion of resources, and who want to reduce fuel bills, promote energy efficiency and address fuel poverty.

We can work together to learn and change the way we produce, use and think about energy, and in doing so create a more sustainable, resilient and prosperous community.

The award winners at the Express and Echo Annual Community Awards 2016. Gill received best Community Enterprise award for ECOEAGM_WebBanner_600