ECOE Community Fund

ECOE Community Fund Allocation Event 2018/2019

The Music in Devon Initiative’s solar PA is funded by ECOE

After a successful first year of ECOE’s Community Fund, we are now reviewing the second year’s entries, having received four interesting and diverse applications. We will hold the fund allocation event on January 30th 2019 at
The Meeting Room, Stephens Scown LLP, Curzon House, Southernhay, Exeter,
Please RSVP to
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Come along and hear from the four local projects that have applied for ECOE’s second Community Fund allocation. Each of the applications aims to promote low carbon energy and help to save energy in Exeter and East Devon. They include materials for solar workshops, LED lighting, solar PV panels and an electric vehicle charging point. We want to know your opinion of the applications and to take part in the decision-making.

There will be refreshments and a chance to hear more about the other activities we have been involved in over the last few months. If you are coming please RSVP to

The fund is available for local community groups to apply for financing for projects that help to save energy and/or help to alleviate fuel poverty. For 2018/2019, we have £4,100 available.

In 2017/2018 the Music in Devon Initiative provided a great example of what the Community Fund money enables. In August, they launched their solar-powered PA, which as well as displacing fossil fuel-powered energy allows them to perform in off-grid locations. They initially demonstrated it at St Sidwell’s Community Centre, with local musicians playing to passers-by on the High Street, and later used it at Exeter’s Street Arts Festival.

Also from the 2017/2018 grants, Wonford Community and Learning Centre installed a new display that will provide information about their ECOE community-owned solar installation. Pinhoe Road Baptist Church installed replacement LED lighting in one of their large meeting rooms.

If you have any queries email Patrick Devine-Wright.

ECOE Community Fund

It’s very important for ECOE to benefit our local community and one way we do this is via our Community Fund. Every year at the AGM, ECOE members and directors agree the amount of money that is allocated from our Solar PV 1 and 2 projects to the Community Fund. There is also the option for our members to donate their own interest to the community fund.

Our eight solar power installations have generated over 750MWh to date and saved over 293 tonnes of carbon. Over the projects’ 20 years lifespan, we expect to make over £170,000 available to the Community Fund and we’re excited to be offering the Community Fund for a second year.

The Fund is available for local community groups to apply for funding for projects that help to save energy and/or help to alleviate fuel poverty. This year (2018/2019), we have £4,100 available, £2,000 from surplus profits and £2,100 donated by our members.

The details regarding who can apply, for what and our criteria for the allocation of the grants can be found in our guidance notes. Applications will be checked to see if they meet our criteria and then all applicants will be invited to present their proposal at the Collaborative Allocation event.

ECOE members, directors and supporters will be invited alongside representatives from each of our rooftop solar sites, local community groups and local statutory organisations to this event to hear the proposals and then work out a way to allocate the funds that is best for all involved.

Guidance Notes
Application form