ECOE Community Fund

ECOE Community Fund 2019/2020

Estuary League of Friends' EV Charger , part-funded by ECOE, is now installed and ready to go.

Estuary League of Friends’ EV Charger , part-funded by ECOE, is now installed and ready to go.

We have now completed a successful third year of ECOE’s Community Fund, holding the fund allocation event on Thursday February 12 2020. The fund is available for local community groups to apply for financing for projects that help to save energy and/or help to alleviate fuel poverty.

For 2019/2020, we had £6,235 available. This year we awarded funds to eleven different local organisations, the largest number of groups yet. However, the organisations have understandably been hit by COVID-19. Here is an update from one of the recipients, TRIP Community Transport Association in Honiton, about how the funding has supported it through the crisis:

‘The grant from ECOE could not have come at a more important time from TRIP. The money has helped us keep the ‘doors open’ and help the Community during the current pandemic. The money was invaluable in helping towards supporting over 400 community support requests. Thank you!’

For more details of who else we awarded funds to this year read this post. The community fund will be open to applications again in November 2020.

If you have any queries email Patrick Devine-Wright.

What is the ECOE Community Fund?

It’s very important for ECOE to benefit our local community and one way we do this is via our Community Fund. Every year at the AGM, ECOE members and directors agree the amount of money that is allocated from our Solar PV 1 and 2 projects to the Community Fund. There is also the option for our members to donate their own interest to the community fund.

Our ten solar power installations have generated over 1.1GWh to date and saved over 363 tonnes of carbon. Over the projects’ 20 years lifespan, we expect to make over £170,000 available to the Community Fund. We’re therefore excited to have offered the Community Fund for a third year.

Local community groups can apply for funding for projects that help to save energy and/or help to alleviate fuel poverty. In 2019/2020, we had £6,235 available, £3,000 from surplus profits, £2,335 donated by our members, and £900 unspent from 2018/2019.

You can find out who can apply, for what and our criteria for allocating grants in our guidance notes. We check all applications to see if they meet our criteria. Then we invite all applicants to present their proposal at the Collaborative Allocation event. We invite ECOE members, directors and supporters to this event too. We also invite representatives from each of our rooftop solar sites, local community groups and local statutory organisations. Together we hear the proposals and then work out a way to allocate the funds that is best for all involved.

Guidance notes
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