Members Information

The aim of this page is to provide all the information that you as a member might need. ECOE would not exist without you, so thank you for investing in Exeter Community Energy Solar PV 1 and playing a part in making community energy work for everyone. Since September 2016 our eight solar rooftop installations are providing low cost solar energy. Your investment in ECOE community shares made this possible.

Community ownership really is important to ECOE. The more involved and active our members are, the more community ownership comes alive. We know some of you will want to be involved and others of you won’t. People invest for different reasons and our director Patrick Devine-Wright has carried out some research into who our members are and your motivation in being a member.


There are different ways you can be involved and different levels of involvement
– From reading our newsletter and emails,
– Attending meetings and socials including the AGM and helping making decisions and voting
– Joining a working group and volunteering
– Becoming a director

There is more information about volunteering on our volunteer page and current opportunities can always be found in our most recent newsletter.

Members Survey

A members survey was completed in 2017 and we now have the full report of the findings available. Thanks to Patrick Devine-Wright for both crafting the survey, analysing the findings and writing the report.

Contacting ECOE

If you have a query or concern, the information on this members page may provide the answer. Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and do contact us if you haven’t found the answer.

Members Portal

ECOE was pleased to launch a Members portal in 2016. It gives members the opportunity to log in to their profile and keep their contact details, bank details, nominations up to date. You should have received an email asking you to do this. Hopefully you have gained access and have updated your details. If you have not, you can access your profile via the access panel to our members portal in the sidebar to the right of any web page. You can set up a password by entering the email address you used when you applied for shares and clicking on the “lost your password?” link.

You will need to choose a password that includes multiple letters, numbers and symbols and in both upper and low case. It doesn’t like real words and if you use them you’ll need about 10 characters.

If you are having any problems, please email us.


Sign up for the ECOE newsletter here.

Interest payments

We are expecting to be able to pay an average of 5% p.a. over the 20 years of the project. The directors make a recommendation to each year’s AGM and then all members will vote. Payment will follow shortly after, as long as you have told us whether you are receiving your interest as opposed to donating it to ECOE’s community fund and if you are receiving it, how you want to be paid ie whether by bank transfer or by cheque.

There was no interest payment following the AGM in June 2016 as there had only been two months since the allocation of shares with our end of year being Jan 31st. It was agreed that this would be included in the interest payments allocated following the AGM in 2017.

For more information you can download any of the following documents

ECOE’s rules (governance document)
Secondary rules
Business Plan 2015
Share offer 2015

Latest annual report (2021) and annual accounts (Jan 2021)