Call for applications for 2019 ECOE Community Fund grants

The 2018 community fund supported Art and Energy to help people make solar panel artworks

The 2018 community fund supported Art and Energy to help people make solar panel artworks

After a successful second year of ECOE’s Community Fund, it is now open for applications again. The fund is available for local community groups to apply for financing for projects that help to save energy and/or help to alleviate fuel poverty. For 2019, we have a total of £6,235 available. £3,000 comes from income from our solar PV and Healthy Homes for Wellbeing projects. ECOE members have donated £2,335 donated from their dividends – thanks to everyone who did this. And the final chunk is £900 rolled over from the 2018 round that the recipients were unable to spend.

In case you missed it, our biggest recipient from the 2018 grants was Art and Energy, who got £1,400 to produce solar panel-based artworks. Our funding has enabled them to run workshops for children and adults to make their own solar-powered, device-charging artwork. You can read what we’ve already written about that here. Also, Estuary League of Friends in Topsham has now used the money we gave them to install an electric car charger. Pinhoe Road Baptist Church is benefiting from the efficient lighting they spent the grant on. Unfortunately the Music in Devon Initiative was unable to complete its solar panel project, and gave its grant back.

How to apply

For applications for 2019, the details regarding who can apply, for what and our criteria for the allocation of the grants can be found in our guidance notes. We will check all applications to see if they meet our criteria. Then we will invite all applicants to present their proposal at the Collaborative Allocation event. We will invite ECOE members, directors and supporters to this event too. We will also invite representatives from each of our rooftop solar sites, local community groups and local statutory organisations. Together we will hear the proposals. Then we will work out a way to allocate the funds that is best for all involved.

We are open for applications now and will close on January 17th 2020 at 5pm, and we will hold the fund allocation event on February 12th 2020.

If you have any queries email Patrick Devine-Wright.

Guidance Notes

Application form