Charging ahead! 2019 ECOE Community Fund impact and project update

Estuary League of Friends' EV Charger , part-funded by ECOE, is now installed and ready to go.

Estuary League of Friends’ EV Charger, part-funded by ECOE, now powers people’s cars.

Exeter Community Energy (ECOE) pride ourselves on our Community Fund. The Fund supports local people and community groups with projects that save energy, fight fuel poverty, and support environmental causes.

We awarded the 2019 Fund to Art and Energy, Pinhoe Road Baptist Church, the Estuary League of Friends, and the Music in Devon Initiative.

Of these, Art and Energy and Pinhoe Baptist Church each completed their projects, as we noted in our previous update. They continue to benefit from combining renewables and art and more efficient lighting. Art and Energy’s next solar art-making session is in Totnes on September 28th.

That update said that Estuary League of Friends planned to install their electric vehicle charging point in July. They have done this, we are delighted to announce, and therefore the charge point is now helping people power their cleaner cars.

2020 Rollover 

Sadly, MIDI withdrew their Community Fund bid because, despite much hard work, they couldn’t raise the remaining funds required to complete their solar PV roof project.

However, the money will not be wasted. Instead, the Community Fund will be boosted for next year. The funds allocated to MIDI will be rolled over to the 2020 Community Fund. As a result, this gives ECOE a larger pot to award as grants next year. Hopefully this will have an even greater impact!

We wish MIDI the best of luck for completing their solar PV project.

Above all, through the Community Fund, ECOE continues to make a significant and positive impact on Exeter’s communities and energy supply. The projects the Community Fund backed in 2019 are evidence for this.

Watch for further updates from ECOE in coming weeks, because we have new Board members and a Winter Fuel Allowance campaign!