Co Charger’s plan to bring electric cars to our streets

Making better use of electric vehicle chargers

Co Charger seeks to make better use of electric vehicle chargers

Based in Exeter, Co Charger is a new sustainable scheme that aims to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. It is part of the family that includes Co Cars, Co Bikes and Co Delivery.  Recently ECOE secretary David Thompson spoke with Co Charger founder, Joel Teague. They discussed the contribution that the company could make to the broader sustainability efforts in Devon and beyond.  Joel sees collaboration as a crucial part of the strategy. Here, he tells us his hopes for Co Charger.

Unblocking EV ownership

For 15 million Brits who cannot have a charger at home it’s difficult and expensive to own an electric vehicle (EV). It means they are four times less likely to make the switch to clean motoring. Public charging and workplace charging are racing to alleviate this. Still, the costs and timescales involved leave a long and wide gap before EV ownership is a viable option for everyone.  Fuel cars belonging to those ‘blocked’ wannabe EV owners currently emit over 17 million tonnes of CO2 each year. We created Co Charger to enable them to make the switch now rather than waiting.

People can use the 300,000 or so chargers already installed in the UK that do nothing for 95% of the time thanks to the Co Charger scheme. We enable people and businesses with chargers to make them available to their neighbourhoods.

We collaborate with communities, automotive sales channels and local government, bringing them together with our unique app. In doing so Co Charger encourages people to make the switch to an EV. We give them an affordable means to charge it while at home, regularly and reliably.

Going live

Co Charger has been 18 months in the making. We are funded privately to this point and we are entering a second investment round in October. Devon County Council has been supportive, as they see the scheme as a means to accelerate their decarbonisation and air quality progress. Plymouth and Portsmouth city councils are also looking to integrate the scheme into their transport and energy programmes. Major car manufacturers see it as a means to reduce the huge fines about to land for failing to sell enough low-emissions vehicles.

A pilot is running in St Leonards, Exeter. The platform then goes live nationally in September.  Anyone wishing to get involved or to discuss ways in which Co Charger can contribute to the wider effort towards sustainability should get in touch.

More information is at and Joel can be contacted at

Co Charger will help make electric vehicles more useable

Co Charger will help make electric vehicles more useable