Did you miss our AGM: Here’s the edited highlights.

Did you miss our AGM: Here’s the highlights

There have been lots of changes for ECOE with four new directors being elected and Gill Wyatt now focusing exclusively on her Chief Exec role handing over the role of Chair to Patrick Devine-Wright for the initial year, as the Chair will now be rotated annually.

We want to thank Gill for steering ECOE so wisely for the last four years and acknowledge her commitment and hard work. And we welcome Patrick to the position of Chair.

Our four new directors are:

Tara Bowers who is working on the Healthy Homes project, has been responsible for extending the project into Tiverton and Mid-Devon and will be providing some much-needed expertise on marketing.

David Thompson, with a history of management consultancy, becomes the company secretary and will help to investigate potential new solar projects before the FiT disappears at the end of March 2019 and develop ECOE’s management systems.

James Haigh, Energy and Generation Engineer at South West Water, will look after the self-monitoring of the solar sites making sure generation of our solar sites is maximised.

Andy Extance with his scientific and climate change writing background will join Tara with marketing and writing our new communications strategy.

ECOE’s Projects

Its been a busy year with the launch of Healthy Homes, progressing Trews Weir, completing our first LED project with Exeter Phoenix and our first community fund grants awarded.

Our solar sites have now all completed their first full year of generation and total generation across all sites for 2017 was 349,631 kWh, enough energy to power 87 homes for a year saving 146,846 kg of carbon.

Interest payments and ECOE’s Community Fund

ECOE’s operating profit increased to £18,664 for the year ended January 31 2018, more than treble the £4,539 we made in the year ended January 31, 2017, now that all of the solar PV installations have been up and running for a full financial year. This enabled members to vote to pay interest to ECOE’s members at 5% again this year as losses for the year were £3,796, down from £18,583 last year.

Members also voted for £2,000 to go to the community fund this year and this will be supplemented by donations members make from their interest payments. Last year £4,271 was allocated to the community fund.

Future priorities

For the next year Trews Weir, Healthy Homes and our new Open Low Voltage (LV) project will be our main priorities and as our four new directors settle into their new roles we are also hoping to be able to progress a few more rooftop solar installations before the Feed-in-Tariff ends in March 2019.

If these highlights have left you wanting to know more you can download any of the papers from the AGM:
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