ECOE’s 2019 community fund awards money to the most groups ever

Exwick Community Centre were one of 11 groups applying for ECOE's 2019 community fund

Exwick Community Centre were one of 11 groups applying for ECOE’s 2019 community fund

On February 12, ECOE once again helped local people, by funding eleven groups to tackle the climate emergency or advance social justice. This year people applied from all areas of Devon where ECOE has either solar power generation or runs our Healthy Homes for Wellbeing project. This brought the most applicants to ECOE’s community fund ever, up to eleven from four the previous year. Kudos to Patrick Devine-Wright, the ECOE director who runs the fund, for handling the extra workload!

We met at Stephens Scown, who kindly let us use a room in which to decide how to share £6,235. We gathered ECOE directors and members, people from solar sites, applicants and other interested parties. Together, we shared the funds collaboratively, skilfully guided by ECOE director Gill Wyatt.

Widespread support

Overall we decided to cover the full requests for four groups.

  • Countess Wear Village Hall Community Association got £960. This will go towards a renewable energy project with new solar panels and a battery.
  • Trip Community Transport in Honiton got £500 to help reduce rural isolation and loneliness through bus transport services. The money would cover staffing costs for bookings and administrative support for affordable transport like Ring and Ride. It will also go towards specialised disability equipment and a personal befriending service.
  • Friends of Eastcliff Park in Teignmouth got £450. This will purchase shrubs, trees and plants, a wheelbarrow and tools and improve path access for the Dell area. The funding will provide green space, health and wellbeing, and carbon storage.
  • Halberton Primary School got £300, for educational resources. It will buy a solar mechanics kit, hydropower kit and air and water power kit. This will educate children about the importance of renewable energy sources and link to their learning about the climate emergency and energy use at home.

Beyond this, six other groups each received £670. The final group, Exeter YMCA, will get funds available through ECOE’s Healthy Homes for Wellbeing scheme. The number of groups helped is a testament to ECOE’s reach. This is only possible because of the members who invested in our solar generation sites. So thanks to everyone involved – you’re making a difference!

The full list of applicants is as follows:

The full list of ECOE community fund applicants for 2019

The full list of ECOE community fund applicants for 2019