Full report of the 2017 members survey

The report provides a detailed description of the findings of the Members Survey
undertaken by ECOE in 2017. A total of 101 members participated in the study, a response rate of just less than 50%.

People purchased shares, and thus became members, for diverse reasons. These motivations can be clustered in terms of global sustainability (e.g. climate change), local sustainability (e.g. strengthening the community) and financial return on investment. While the most frequent motivation expressed was to support renewable energy projects, other motivations were tackling climate change and supporting local ownership of renewable energy and its effect on strengthening the community.

It was heartening to know that ECOE is very positively regarded by members, highly trusted and there is strong satisfaction with actions undertaken to date. Members give strong support for engagement in future local renewable energy projects, engaging in lobbying for energy policy change, sharing knowledge with community energy groups and developing projects that promote saving energy and helping with fuel poverty.

In conclusion, findings show that members view ECOE in a very positive light. There is strong support for the future development of new renewable energy projects, for networking with other community groups and for targeting vulnerable households to reduce fuel poverty. Given the relatively narrow profile of members in social and environmental terms, it underscores the value of ECOE’s Community Fund as well as projects such as Healthy Homes for Wellbeing, to reach members of the community in Exeter that are younger, less educated and have different political views.

Read the full report for all the fascinating details about our members.

And thanks to Patrick Devine-Wright for both crafting the survey, analysing the findings and writing the report.