Community Energy and Renewables News


Government Policy on Renewables

There is uncertainty in the green energy sector as the government moves forward with changes to the way subsidies, green taxes and industry regulations are managed. Firstly, the government have announced that the Renewables Obligation, a subsidy for large scale renewables projects, will be removed for onshore wind a year earlier than planned. We are also expecting a review of the Feed-in-Tariff, which applies to smaller projects, in the autumn, and there is concern about the messages being sent out by the government and how these might be put into practise for this review.

Secondly, last week’s budget contained two worrying announcements. The first is that the Climate Change Levy, a tax originally imposed on dirty energy producers to fund green subsidies, will now be applied to renewable generators as well. No, we can’t work that one out either. The second measure is that the government are dropping the zero carbon buildings policy, which was the proposed route to achieving EU targets on energy efficiency for public buildings.

Here’s a good summary on Click Green


TRESOC event – Local, Clean Energy For All – YES!

Our friends in Totnes are holding an event on 23rd July, 7:30-9:30pm in Totnes Methodist Church Hall – an interactive forum for lots of conversations about clean, green energy anf the community’s part in producing, owning and managing it.

Important Reports

Our legal director Sonya Bedford, who is also Head of Renewable Energy at Stephens Scown Solicitors and a non-Executive Director at Regen SW, has written a paper on local supply which is now available to download here


Regen SW have also recently released their annual progress report on the renewable energy sector in the south west.

FCA consultation on community energy co-ops

One for the officianados amongst you – the Financial Conduct Authority have launched a public consultation on the registration of community energy groups, how they pay interest to members and whether this affects their classification as a co-op. We are working with Regen SW to co-ordinate a response to this consultation. If you have any feedback on this or would like to have input into the process, please read this and contact us.