Meet the new director at ECOE: Peter Dempsey

The way ECOE fights climate change while putting money in people’s pockets keeps on bringing great new additions to our directorial team. When they join us, we like to introduce you to keep you up to date. Our latest directorial recruit is Peter Dempsey, who is joining as our new company secretary. Now, read on to find all about him.

What is your role at ECOE?

I’ve joined ECOE as Director and Company Secretary to provide membership and administrative support.

What is your background?

I am a professional Project Manager delivering Net Zero and decarbonisation projects in the South-West and nationwide. Chiefly, my background is in environmental modelling and consultancy in the water and energy sectors. Also, my past roles include at the Environment Agency, the Met Office, Energy Systems Catapult, and (currently) Bristol City Council.

What motivated you to join ECOE?

Generally, I’ve delivered many desk-based projects. Now, by joining ECOE I’m keen to get closer to customers and end-users to understand better the delivery of successful energy projects which improve people’s lives and help us achieve our net zero carbon targets.

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?

We’ve brought up our two boys in Devon’s glorious outdoor spaces, enjoying family walking, cycling and kayaking. We’re currently planning an upgrade of our home with retrofit and a heat pump. Obviously, this will be a valuable learning experience alongside ECOE activities.