Meet the new people at ECOE: Matthew Axe

Meet the new people at ECOE:

Matthew Axe

ECOE Healthy Homes for Wellbeing Adviser Matthew Axe

ECOE Healthy Homes for Wellbeing Adviser Matthew Axe

The last few months have seen quite a lot of comings and goings at ECOE. We’re gradually introducing the new faces to you so that you don’t wonder who they are when you meet them. Next up is Matthew Axe, who joined our Health Homes for Wellbeing Project in November 2018. He’ll hopefully be at our AGM on June 6. It starts at 6:30pm at Stephens Scown in Exeter – join us! 

What is your role at ECOE Matthew?

I am a part-time Home Energy Adviser for ECOE’s Health Homes for Wellbeing Project; one of the team that visits residents to give energy advice for the LEAP home visits.  My role also includes running energy advice clinics in Exeter, Teignbridge, and Torbay. In addition I look for networking opportunities where I can promote the project to community groups and external organisations.

What’s your background?

I have a background managing and researching environmental and sustainability matters. As a mature student I took a degree in countryside management, followed by a research PhD in hedgerow carbon sequestration, but prior to that I worked in the public sector both as an environmental and energy adviser, and as an assistant property manager. I have studied or worked in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Gloucestershire; and the West Country has always inspired my interest in our environment.

What motivated you to join ECOE?

I saw the opportunity to transfer my experience of energy management in a business setting to help clients in the domestic sector. My role here gives me a lot of satisfaction helping residents, whether with grant supported improvements, switching them to a better value energy provider, or getting maintenance issues resolved for tenants. Healthy Homes for Wellbeing is a great project to be part of.

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?  

I am a member of Devon Hedge Group, and if you mention hedgerows I might go on talking for a while! Seriously though, I like discussing most issues around nature and the environment. I recently wrote a chapter on urban green corridors, for a book on urban design, so that might be a good starting point.