Meet the new people at ECOE: Sarah Rock-Evans

Meet the new people at ECOE:

Sarah Rock-Evans

The last few months have seen quite a lot of comings and goings at ECOE. We’re gradually introducing the new faces to you so that you don’t wonder who they are when you meet them. Next up is Sarah Rock-Evans, who joined our Health Homes for Wellbeing Project in February 2019. She won’t be at our AGM on June 6. It starts at 6:30pm at Stephens Scown in Exeter – join us! 

What is your role at ECOE Sarah?

I have a small but wide-ranging part-time role to promote the Healthy Homes project, provide admin support and follow up on outstanding referrals following a LEAP home visit.  This includes arranging talks to community groups and frontline workers, finding opportunities for publicity in local papers and liaising with external organisations.

What’s your background?

I have a degree in Ecology but after graduating I trained as a Chartered Surveyor in rural estate management.  Having worked in Scotland for 11 years my husband and I relocated to Devon in 2012 where I worked for the Environment Agency on property matters related to flood defence work.  I then took a few years out to be a full-time Mum before joining ECOE in February 2019.

What motivated you to join ECOE?

My role here is a good blend of things that motivate me: being an organiser, helping other people, and making a contribution to tackling climate change.  On a practical level the role was a perfect fit for my current circumstances but I also feel very fortunate to also be doing something that feels genuinely valuable.

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?  

Beyond ECOE and family life I do some voluntary work for my local church and am really interested in exploring ways to apply my faith to everyday life in a way that helps others live well, takes care of our World and brings joy!  So I’m always interested to hear views on that or find out what might be happening in other communities along those lines. Oh and as a household trying to eat less meat I’d love to hear about veggie recipes that kids actually eat!