ECOE AGM on July 27 – put it in your diary

ECOE invites all our members and supporters to join us at 6:30pm on Tuesday July 27 for the Exeter Community Energy (ECOE) Annual General Meeting. We need at least 20 members to attend to meet our legal requirements. We have booked the ballroom at the Exeter Community Centre, 17 St. Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG. Though pandemic restrictions are due to lift on July 19 we have asked for the room to be laid out to allow for social distancing. All physical attendees should bring masks to wear while moving through the building. We very much hope to see you in person and intend to have some nice food and drink available to welcome you. We suggest that you therefore start arriving from 6:20pm to pick up your food. Please RSVP to to indicate that you will attend in person.

We have now decided to hold this event in a hybrid form to give people the option not to attend in person. This will be run through Zoom, and if you would like to attend that way, please register here.

If you are a member and cannot attend in either format, please email David for a proxy voting form.

Join us on July 27!

Join us on July 27!

As usual, we’ll be reviewing the year’s activities, and showing how our solar PV installations are supporting our efforts to help the community in Exeter and Devon. We’ll ask you to approve our accounts. This year we’ll discuss how we’ve fared during the pandemic. We’ll also talk about the ongoing success of Healthy Homes for Wellbeing, and our new retrofit project. We’ll seek to formally elect four directors for the first time: Stacia Ryder, Trevor Crawford, Lenka Hill and David Bacon. You can read our annual report here, our financial statements here, and the agenda here. The minutes of last year’s meeting are available here. 

We remain hard at work managing our existing generation sites and will update you on how they’re doing. And we’re also still interested in opportunities to develop potential new ones, and so we’ll be discussing future strategy. Also, we’ll update you on how our community fund is helping the places ECOE serves. We’d also like to ask you about how we should be returning our income to the community.

We’ll be discussing all this and more in detail on July 27. Please put it in your diary, RSVP to or sign up on Zoom and join us!