ECOE and ground mounted solar

ECOE and ground mounted solar

We have been offered an exciting opportunity to partner with a solar farm developer who are offering us ownership of 1/3rd of two local ground-mounted solar sites. Grid connection is obtained and planning is still needed. Many community energy groups have successful ground mount projects including Bath and West Community Energy who have also successfully worked with this developer.

Before ECOE investigates further this potential partnership we want to know the views of our supporters and future members. One of the reason ECOE is interested in pursuing the solar farm project is to enable us to realise our vision and aim of generating community-owned renewable energy. As yet this has not been possible with Solar PV 1, our rooftop project. Moving forward with the solar farm would help us be able to keep going with solar PV 1. Our intention would be to work in partnership with Mongoose, they are a co-operative with sound grassroot credentials.

ECOE ground mount

We know there is mixed feelings about the number of solar farms currently being developed. Often investment comes from outside the area, which means much of the profit leaves the locality, visibility is an issue and the grade of agricultural land being used.

Recently government policy has supported shared ownership sites where the ownership is shared between the developer and a local community energy group. We feel community ownership is important so local people can invest and own the projects and a community fund can be set up for local energy projects. We also think high-grade agricultural land should not be used and visibility should be sensitively addressed.

Tell us your views. We want to hear from you if you support us considering this solar farm project and we equally want to hear from you if you don’t, or if you have concerns.

Email now . You only need to say YES if you support and No if you don’t. Or feel free to to tell us your concerns or the reasons why you support this project. Please let us now by Friday 5th June 14.00.