June update on Solar PV1

June update on Solar PV1

Our main focus at the moment is working through the data we commissioned from mapping experts Bluesky, which gave us a database of over 300 roofs in Exeter that could be suitable for our project. We have now sorted them into categories and we’re focusing initially on local businesses, charities and public buildings, and schools and education.


We are also working with WPD to identify high energy users within our data as these buildings will be more likely to be given a grid connection for medium to large PV installations. We will keep you posted as we work through this list.

We’d just like to say thanks again to Devon County Council and RegenSW for an excellent programme of events and support as part of the Devon Accelerator programme. We have now spent the funding they provided towards progressing our project towards a share offer, and have also benefitted from a great series of networking and learning events put on by their team. Here’s a video they made about the programme featuring our Exec Chair Gill Wyatt.

They have also commissioned a set of Community Energy Legal Toolkit, which have been prepared by Foot Anstey and Climate Positive. Find them here, access is at the bottom of this page