Watch again: Wise Up About Solar Power with ECOE’s Webinar

Watch again: Wise Up About Solar Power with ECOE’s Webinar

Solar panels on ECOE's Great Moor House installation at Sunset

Solar panels on ECOE’s Great Moor House installation at Sunset

Energy generation, distribution and use is changing radically. Today, renewable energy is cheaper than ever, whereas fossil-fuels are dangerous for climate change. Meanwhile, new technologies could radically re-shape our homes, workplaces and communities. ECOE therefore wants to improve people’s energy literacy. We want everybody to know about the changes that are coming so that no-one is left behind. So we are now running webinars to provide trustworthy information about the technologies and changes to come.

The first webinar was at 7pm on Wednesday September 16. It covered solar power and the status of the sector. Additionally, it looked at the new Devon Solar Together project to get good prices on panels – read more about that here. Watch the video below if you need the basic information, or if you have more advanced questions. Our speakers included:

  • Alastair Mumford – Devon County Council/ECOE
  • Sonya Bedford MBE – Stephens Scown solicitors/ECOE
  • Ollie Gibbs – Sungift Solar
  • Isobel Morris – REA: The Association For Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Thanks to them, after listening to this webinar, you will:

  • Understand generating electricity via solar power better
  • Know more about installing it on your home
  • Understand the benefits of the Devon Solar Together scheme
  • Know more about community solar
  • Have heard industry experts about how the sector has developed in the UK over the past 10 years
  • Have discovered what is likely to happen over the next few years