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You’ve decided it’s time to get some advice, but how can ECOE help?

How it works

  1. If you are interested, please complete the form found below, to express your interest in the Retrofit Advice Service.
  2. One of ECOE’s Retrofit Advisors will contact you via email to arrange a mutually convenient time to call.
  3. We will complete an initial consultation by phone to learn more about you, your property and your objectives for your retrofit project.
  4. We will then send to you a quote for your home assessment and a contract to sign, alongside any written advice or useful links already discussed. On acceptance of the contract, a date will be set for the home assessment and an assessor will be assigned to the property. You will be asked for Energy bills, an EPC if you have one, construction drawings and planning and building approvals or certificates if applicable.
  5. A qualified Retrofit Assessor will complete a home assessment specific to you. The scope is ‘whole-house’ and requires an evaluation of factors such as the dwelling, its construction, occupancy, age, condition, ventilation, suitability for improvement, and any planning constraints. During the survey your assessor will take measurements and photos, carry out a visual inspection and use any equipment to assist them.
  6. Following the assessment, ECOE will provide you with a detailed and tailored report, explaining: low, middle and high tier changes you can make to the property, with approximate performance outcomes and budgets. To clarify the report findings, we’ll arrange a 30-minute follow up consultation where you can ask any questions and discuss further support available from ECOE. For example, ECOE can provide guidance on finding decent and trustworthy contractors to complete the work set out in the report, so that you can take the report all the way to completion.

What will the assessor do?

Our assessor will spend the first part of the visit talking with you about your property and your lifestyle, including any obstacles that exist to getting certain jobs done (these could be financial, structural or time constraints) so that they truly can advise on suitable measures for you. They’ll then conduct an in-depth assessment, collecting information regarding the building’s fabric and services, and paying particular attention to how the property handles ventilation, water vapour and dampness.

Sufficient information is collected to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) using the Reduced data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP), should you require one (additional fees apply).


How long will the home assessment take?

A home assessment takes no less than 2 hours. For very large properties it will take considerably longer.

How much it will cost?

Prices for the full home assessment and report start from £550 (excl vat) for a standard, 3 bedroom property. Full pricing details will be discussed on the initial call, once we have obtained enough information to understand your property and your retrofit needs.

ECOE can also offer the following services at extra costs:

  • EPCs
  • Thermal imaging (including high level survey by drone)
  • Borescope inspections
  • Air Tightness Testing
  • Heritage Statements


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