Solar PV 1: Our installations

Wonford Community and Learning Centre

Wonford Community and learning Centre Solar InstallationWe have installed solar panels that can generate 20.5 kilowatts of power at peak output (20.5kWp) on the roof of Exeter City Council’s Wonford Community and Learning Centre. Our installer for this roof was Hyde Park Electrical Ltd.

The installation started generating on November 23rd 2015. This provides revenue for ECOE and the local community whilst providing savings for the centre, which in turn means more money can be directed to improving core services. The site has remote monitoring set up.

Shillingford Organics

Small Solar Shillingford

Martin Bragg, the owner of Shillingford Organics was the first to sign up for ECOE solar installations. He showed extreme patience as ECOE found a way to install on two of his roofs and find other roofs.

In November 2015, we were finally able to move ahead and install 39.5kWp of rooftop solar panels on two roofs at Shillingford. These started working on November 18th thanks to our installer Sol Electrical. Martin was delighted:

“I partnered with ECOE because I gain half-price solar electricity with the added benefit that it is from a sustainable source on our roofs! It’s investment free for me and it’s great to be part of a community project, which is making positive changes towards a healthy and flourishing planet.”

The installation is powering both Shillingford Organics and Rod & Bens Soups. Remote monitoring has been set up and it’s very exciting to see how much electricity is being generated through each day.

Devon County Council

ECOE has now successfully installed on two of Devon County Councils roofs – 100kWp at Great Moor House and 20kWp at Exeter Central Library. We had to install and commission both projects very quickly before a large cut in the Feed in Tariff (FiT) subsidy in January 2016. Our two extremely dedicated installers – SunGift for Great Moor House and Sol Electrical for Exeter Central Library – completed the work just before Christmas.

Great Moor House
Great Moor House under construction[1]

Great Moor House is a large modern council office in Sowton with meeting, training and conference facilities. It is also the home of the Devon Heritage Centre and Devon Records Centre. It houses all the computing services for Devon County Council Schools. Generation started on December 17th 2015. Great Moor House’s many computers mean that it uses nearly all the solar energy generated.

Exeter Central Library


As well as installing the new 20kWp array, Devon County Council (DCC) gave the existing 9kWp array to ECOE. Our lease with DCC has since passed to Libraries Unlimited. Our installation went live on December 23rd 2015. The library uses most of the electricity site and helps to reduce its energy bills

The remaining installations

Solar PV 1 also includes:

The Technology Centre, Exeter College 150kWp, our largest installation
Pinhoe Road Baptist Church 17kWp
Glasshouse Lane Medical Centre 20.1kWp
The Beehive Community Centre, Honiton 24kWp.

Total capacity installed for solar PV 1 is therefore 408.1kWp.

Watch our video about how solar PV 1 works: