Meet Joe Clarke – ECOE’s newest Director

Meet Joe Clarke – ECOE’s newest Director

New ECOE director Joe Clarke

New ECOE director Joe Clarke

Over the summer, Exeter Community Energy co-opted Joe Clarke to its Board of Directors. He will focus on building on the organisation’s already-stellar marketing and communications output.

Joe approached Tara Bowers, ECOE’s Chair, after seeing the call for new Directors and volunteers following the 2019 AGM. Also, ECOE engages Joe’s general interest in sustainability and renewable energy. Joe also likes ECOE’s mission to empower community ownership, circular economies and decentralisation.

Alongside his role with ECOE, Joe also works for Exeter-based charity SWGfL. His employer has national and international reach, and aims to ensure everyone can benefit from technology free from harm. The charity provides young people, parents, teachers, and professionals with tools, resources, training, and advice. In that way, it empowers them to keep themselves and the people around them safe online.

Commenting on joining ECOE, Joe said:

“ECOE aligns with my values and puts into practice so many of the changes we need to implement to make our future, and the planet’s future, possible.”

Praiseworthy Breadth

Joe reserved special praise for the breadth of ECOE’s work, pointing to the people-power behind the organisation, stating:

“One of the things I love most about ECOE is that it is not a single-issue organisation. You only need to look at the work we do fighting fuel poverty, tackling climate change, and empowering local communities to see the scope of our drive and ambition. Many social enterprises will focus on just one of these issues. But ECOE is made up such passionate, driven members, volunteers, and Directors that we are able to make a significant impact in many vital areas. That’s really special and it’s something I am so proud to be a part of.”

Outside of his work in marketing, Joe enjoys spending time outdoors, playing football and attending gigs. Also, he likes spending time with friends and family, and sampling the best vegan food wherever he happens to find himself. Prior to joining ECOE Joe also spent a year as a chocolatier.

Welcome to ECOE, Joe! And now, we’ll end this post with something that we think sums up ECOE and the people behind it perfectly, from the mouth of our newest Director:

“If I can match the pride and passion of everyone else involved with ECOE – from our volunteers to the communities we serve – I will be sure I’ve done a good job.”