Meet the new people at ECOE: James Dexter, trainee HEA

ECOE’s new trainee HEA James Dexter.

The ECOE team continues to grow and evolve. We’re keeping you up to date on the new faces to you so that you don’t wonder who they are when you meet them. Here, we introduce James Dexter.

What is your role at ECOE James?

I am an in-training part-time Home Energy Adviser for ECOE’s Health Homes for Wellbeing Project. I will be one of the team that visits residents to give energy advice for the LEAP home visits. Also, I will be working on energy clinics and other advice clinics in the mid-Devon area.

What’s your background?

My first degree was in environmental science. I have been involved in the environmental movement and the organic farming world for 30 years. During the ill-fated Green deal days I trained as an domestic energy assessor (DEA). I have also been a student support coordinator at the University of East Anglia. For many years I worked with adults with learning disabilities on various farms and gardens in the UK and the USA. I currently live and work on an off-grid organic farming cooperative near Wellington.

What motivated you to join ECOE?

Many of my previous job roles worked with marginalized, neglected or misunderstood sections of society. I want to be involved in work that tries to redress that imbalance and that gets help for those of us who are needlessly suffering due to their personal circumstances.

Working as a DEA was ultimately unsatisfying. It was mostly about estate agents, property and Energy Performance Certificates with an ever decreasing return for the DEA. ECOE is part of the energy poverty solution and I am very keen to be part of that.

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?

My biggest interest aside from the farming and natural world is music. Playing, listening and composing. My second degree was in experimental music or ‘electro-acoustic composition’ as they called it at the University of East Anglia. Other than that, I like cooking and eating and I am pretty handy with mechanical machinery and building and I play folk tunes on the Melodeon which is a button accordion.