Meet the new people at ECOE: Margaret Pickering

Meet the new people at ECOE: Margaret Pickering

ECOE's new team member Margaret Pickering

ECOE’s new team member Margaret Pickering

The ECOE team continues to evolve with time. We’re keeping you up to date on the new faces to you so that you don’t wonder who they are when you meet them. Here, we introduce Margaret Pickering, who is helping both the Health Homes for Wellbeing Project and the operation and maintenance of our solar panels.

What is your role at ECOE Margaret?

I joined ECOE in January 2020 as Operations and Maintenance Co-ordinator.  It is my job to co-ordinate the operation and maintenance of the existing solar PV sites, ensuring they function well and safely, thus maximising production and therefore income.  I am able to check the performance of the sites by accessing on-line monitoring platforms.  When necessary I call out our contractors to deal with faults.  I also deal with any necessary insurance claims and arranging annual maintenance and cleaning where required.

I provide support to other ECOE projects, including Healthy Homes for Wellbeing, mainly in an administrative role.

What’s your background?

After leaving college with a Psychology degree in 1979 my career was in Information Technology (IT).  I undertook various IT project management roles initially for BT and then for Oxfam.  In 2007 my partner and I changed direction, renovating a large rectory in Cornwall which we then ran as a successful guest house.

We sold our business and retired to Exeter in 2017.  Since when I have rapidly become one of those retired people who can’t think how they had time to go out to work!

I have been involved in voluntary work for Sharpham Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust and the St Sidwells Centre.  I have also been active to a small degree in supporting political campaigns.

What motivated you to join ECOE?

I believe combating climate change to be the most important challenge we face and am really pleased to be helping with the supply of renewable energy.  ECOE’s wider objectives and business model are very inspiring; it is fascinating to be involved in however small a way.

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?  

Last year we took over an allotment and I am full of a beginners’ enthusiasm and interest in growing vegetables.  I play Contract Bridge, Table Tennis and Tennis.  My partner and I imagine we will spend long days walking through Devon or relaxing at the beach far more often than we do, but the dream remains.