Meet the new people at ECOE: Vickie Mogford

ECOE's new team member Vickie Mogford

ECOE’s new team member Vickie Mogford

The ECOE team continues to evolve with time. We’re keeping you up to date on the new faces to you so that you don’t wonder who they are when you meet them. Here, we introduce Vickie Mogford, who is a benefits advisor for the Health Homes for Wellbeing Project.

What is your role at ECOE Vickie?

I joined ECOE at the beginning of January 2021 as a benefits advisor. My role is to check the eligibility of means-tested and non-means-tested benefits. Many people are unaware of what is out there that can help them to live more comfortably. My motto is ‘if you’re not sure, its always worth a check’!

What is your background?

I spent the first ‘working years’ of my life in marketing and product design for a manufacturing firm until I met my husband. I then spent several years following him around Europe, raising a family and gaining a degree in psychology along the way. We ended up settling in glorious Devon. I worked a number of years for Age UK and I loved working with pensioners and carers and helping clear a path through the multitudes of paperwork and benefit applications. I also loved working in the day centre on a regular basis.

What motivated you to join ECOE?

Although covid-19 has been terrible, it gave me an opportunity to take a look at what I cared most about. I believe that looking out for others, using your skills to help those less fortunate than you is the most rewarding thing a person can do. The team at ECOE have this at their heart and in turn they are helping the environment. This could only be a win-win.

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?  

I’m a drama queen at heart and I love the theatre, so start singing a show tune, and I’m likely to join in!