Watch our webinar again: Tackling Energy Inequality in Exeter and Beyond

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In the UK, energy access, use and affordability is uneven. Low-income households pay £60 more per year on energy bills than those with higher income. The 10% of poorest areas in Britain pay an annual average of £1,123. The 15% of wealthiest areas pay £1,063. The South West region has the second highest average fuel poverty gap. What does this mean for energy inequality in Exeter and Devon? We asked this when we hosted our latest free webinar from 6:30-7:30pm on Tuesday June 15.

Panellists talked about what energy inequality looks like in Exeter and Devon. They described efforts to create a fairer energy system. For example, they talked about how renewable energy can be more accessible. Also, they asked how energy inequality intersects with poverty and inequality locally. Then the panellists looked at what the pandemic did to energy access and affordability. Finally, experts asked how to make a fairer energy system in Exeter and in rural Devon. Watch if you need basic info, or if you have more advanced questions.

Our speakers include:

  • Tara Bowers – Healthy Homes for Wellbeing Project Manager and Director, ECOE
  • Lucy Betts – Project Development Coordinator, National Energy Action
  • Sharon Church – Financial Resilience Team Leader, East Devon District Council

Thanks to them, after this webinar, you will:

  • Know about barriers to energy for all
  • Connect energy issues to other household inequities
  • Discover what groups like ECOE and NEA are doing to close these gaps
  • Find out more about how you can help energy equity efforts