Meet the new director at ECOE: Stephen Wood

New ECOE director Stephen Wood

New ECOE director Stephen Wood

We are lucky that the ECOE team attracts lots of talented people as voluntary directors. When we gain new faces, we like to introduce you to keep you up to date. Our latest directorial recruit is Stephen Wood.

What is your role at ECOE?

I joined the ECOE team as a director as of January 2024. I will be focusing particularly on projects within the Torbay area, and helping oversee the Healthy Homes for Wellbeing project.

What is your background?

I have been a Civil Servant with the Department for Work and Pensions since leaving University in 2008 with a Diploma in Folk and Traditional Music. I have been a Union Representative for the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union since 2015. That involves negotiating on behalf of front-line workers with management and organising union activities and collective bargaining actions.

What motivated you to join ECOE?

Addressing all forms of poverty, fuel poverty included, is a passion of mine. So is sustainable energy generation and energy security. I am also extremely keen to promote community-owned enterprises rather than for-profit companies which exist for the benefit of their shareholders at the expense of all else. ECOE’s business model is based around all of these points of interest. It has already delivered significant benefits to the local community. I am delighted to be a part of this moving forward.

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?

I love music of all sorts, but especially folk, rock, classical and heavy metal. Furthermore, I always enjoy being introduced to new bands and artists, or learning new pieces on violin and/or guitar. Having taken part in a couple of charity boxing matches, and taken up fencing briefly at college, I enjoy discussing combat sports, especially boxing and fencing.