ECOE set to enter a new era as our CEO Gill stands down – plus loans and share repayments

ECOE set to enter a new era

Having led ECOE for five years, Gill Wyatt will stand down as CEO in December 2018

After an eventful few months for Exeter Community Energy (ECOE) that has seen our achievements recognised we now enter a period of transition.

Shortlisted for two awards
The significance of what ECOE has done is shown by our inclusion on two award shortlists. One is Community Energy England’s Community Energy & Carbon Saving Award, where the inclusion was specifically for our Healthy Homes for Wellbeing project. Although we didn’t win the award, the ceremony on Friday October 19 in Bristol, was enormously inspiring in showing the strength of the community energy sector. We are also shortlisted for Regen’s Best Community Initiative award, with the winner to be announced on November 27.

Board of directors changes and moving forward
Having been the driving force behind our success so far, our chief executive officer Gill Wyatt has announced that she will stand down at the end of December 2018. She will remain on the board of directors and continue as project manager for Healthy Homes. Her strategic roles will be divided across ECOE’s board of directors – including two new directors who have joined in 2018 – and we will now hire a project support officer to administer ECOE’s other activities.

Another key leadership role is in transition as finance director Peter Bowers will also step down from the board in spring 2019. We are currently recruiting a volunteer finance director and also a volunteer book keeper to take Peter’s place, with the aim of starting the handover in February 2019.

We are also seeking paid home energy advisors for the Healthy Homes project – for details of all these vacancies, click here. Recently co-opted director James Haigh is also leaving the board. The ECOE directors are stepping up to ensure we continue to work as smoothly as possible following these changes.

Share repayment and loans
Clearly, our ongoing Solar PV projects remain an important focus. We planned to start repaying shares from 2019 and we expect to have sufficient cash surpluses generated from the installations to offer some repayment of share capital. We therefore would like a few shareholders to withdraw some, or all, of their capital during 2019 so that we can reduce the amount of interest that we’re paying and maximise the money passed to the Community Fund. If you’d like to withdraw your shares, please contact Peter.

ECOE is also now contacting people who have loaned us money which ends in January 2019, to see who wants repayment and who is interested in extending the loan for a further two years. If you made a loan you’ll be receiving an email from ECOE very soon.

We are still working on developing Solar PV3 – please contact Andy if you know of any suitable roofs.