Solar PV 2

Solar PV 2

We’ve mentioned the Devon-wide project before. In September 2015 we pre-registered sites for local groups in Crediton, Okehampton, Braunton and Swimbridge, securing the FiT rates for a further 12 months. Since then these local groups, ECOE, Energy Analysis and DARE have been investigating the possibility of progressing them.

Swimbridge Jubilee Hall and possibly Lobb Football Pavillion and Lobb Field, Braunton Academy and Southmead Primary School will become part of ECOE’s Solar PV 2. Energy Analysis is dealing with the WPD enquiries and ascertaining each site’s agreement to progress and then ECOE will be arranging the lease and PPA and tendering for each site.

ECOE has been fortunate in arranging another interest free bridging loan, which will enable us to progress these sites to installation, prior to launching our second community share offer to raise the investment necessary.

Sadly the governors at Queen Elizabeth College made the decision against the solar installation of several of their roofs – a huge disappointment for Sustainable Crediton Energy Group after all of their hard work.

Community of Okehampton Renewable Energy Society (CORE) at Okehampton will be progressing their sites, starting with a pilot, Okehampton Glass. They will be leading the project including raising the finances, whilst ECOE will supporting them. Once Ofgem has finalised the FiT payments, after the installation has been commissioned, ECOE will transfer ownership to CORE.