Important news for members re interest payments

The first payment of interest will happen following the AGM on 6th June. The directors are recommending 5% p.a. for the 14 months since shares were issued in Nov 2015. Members will vote on this recommendation during the AGM.

In order for interest payments to be made all members will need to update their members profile providing information concerning whether they want to receive the interest (indicating whether by bank transfer or cheque) or whether they would like to donate their interest to ECOE’s community fund that will be used for local energy saving projects and helping with fuel poverty.

If you haven’t already set up a password to access your profile, you will need your email address used when you bought your shares. This will enable you to set up your unique password. Go to the ECOE website and click on ‘lost password’ on the RHS of the page under the news/events sidebar. Enter your email address and a link will be sent to this address that will enable you to create your password.

The password requires a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. It doesn’t like real words so if you use them, you’ll need more characters. I use a double symbol and that did the trick!! If you are having difficulty do email us.

Our volunteer Paola is contacting members who have yet to update their profiles so please act on her email if you have already received this email or when you do.

Hopefully the information here will help and there is similar information on the members page and in the members FAQ to help you set up your password and access your profile.