Meet the new people at ECOE: Vicky Vallis

Meet the new people at ECOE: Vicky Vallis

The last few months have seen quite a lot of comings and goings at ECOE. We’re gradually introducing the new faces to you so that you don’t wonder who they are when you meet them. Next up is Vicky Vallis, who joined the board as a director in February 2019. She’ll be at our AGM on June 6. It starts at 6:30pm at Stephens Scown in Exeter – join us! 

What is your role at ECOE Vicky?

I’m Finance Director at ECOE. This is quite a wide role as it covers everything to do with finance. I ensure we are HMRC compliant, liaise with the external accountants and make sure the accounts are produced on time. Additionally, I keep an eye on the cashflow and provide a financial angle during the decision-making process. I am the person who explains to the members how ECOE’s finances are doing – the list goes on. I also do all the bookkeeping and paying of investors and suppliers so at certain times of the year it can be a bit busy.

What’s your background?

I’ve worked in corporate finance for most of my career and have covered more or less every area of accounting. During this time I have become qualified in corporate treasury and I’m also a part-qualified accountant – only two exams to go! I have had the odd break from finance here and there though. I worked for a few years in a technical role where I was able to dip my toe into computer programming. In my twenties I took a career break to return to full-time education, completing a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Exeter. As much as I loved archaeology I decided a career in it wasn’t for me and I returned to finance: more jobs, better pay and no working outside in the lashing rain!

What motivated you to join ECOE?

I became a member of ECOE at the time of the first share issue and always read the newsletters and updates with interest. At that time, I thought it was amazing how a group of people could build an energy company from scratch and provide a real alternative to ‘big energy’ whilst also giving something back to the community. I had always intended to get more involved but never seemed to get round to it until one day an email was sent out asking for volunteers with finance experience. It seemed like too good an opportunity to miss!

What should members and supporters talk to you about if they bump into you?  

Well, I’m more of a listener than a talker! But if you draw me out of my shell I am more than happy to chat about health and fitness, finance, of course, and music. Other than that, I’m the domestic servant to a very lazy cat, two pampered guinea pigs and two lively girls so any advice on how to deal with that little lot is always welcome.