Other News and Events – July ’17

Other News and Events – July ’17

Community Energy England Report

The biggest state of the sector report has been carried out by Community Energy England. ECOE took part. Their key messages are:

• Community energy is widespread: 222 community energy organisations throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland involved in 269 distinct energy activities.
• Community energy is significant: organisations own 121 MW of energy capacity, which has generated 265 GWh of energy since 2002. A further 74 organisations are actively providing energy efficiency interventions in their communities.
• Community energy organisations are economically effective: organisations have leveraged over £190m in project finance from £1.9m of project development funding.
• Community energy projects are beneficial: £680,000 income for community benefit funds has been generated in the last 12 months for local economic, social and environmental benefit.
• The sector is at risk: unprecedented reductions and early retractions of subsidies and tax incentives are negatively impacting on the viability, and subsequent success, of projects throughout the community energy sector.

You can find the executive summary and the full report here.

Community Energy Fortnight 29th June to 9th July

This is organised by the The Community Energy Coalition (CEC) annually since 2013. Their aim is to ignite an energy revolution which places communities at its heart and strives for a clean, affordable and secure energy system for all.

Many events have been arranged included our own Heat Event. Full listing of events here.

10.10’s Energy Success Stories

There is no mistaking the power of stories. Check out these success stories of positive action on climate change from the UK and around the world about community energy, renewables, solar powered transport and energy efficiency. Inspiring!!

Climate at the Quay

Thursday 13th July 16.00 to 20.00
An event organised by the University of Exeter’s Earth System Science Group to inform about climate change, its impacts on Exeter, and responses that can be made at a local and personal level. ECOE has been invited to have a stall so come and visit us.

It will be a highly interactive event, encouraging members of the public to consider various “spheres” of our lives and how they impact our environment, such as Home and technology; Transport and travel; Food; and Health. They hope that this will be the launch event for a group encouraging discussion and action around climate change in Exeter.

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