Other News and Events

December News

We’re all expectantly awaiting news on the future of the Feed-in Tariff from the government.  It would seem likely that the Department of Energy & Climate Change will report back on the consultation to MPs on the 16 December.  We should then learn of the government’s intentions which could well come into force by the end of January.
We are hearing positive noises that the tariff cuts will not be as deep as first put forward.  However, even with better tariffs than thought if the overall budget is still small in comparison to previous years than FiTs would effectively run out of money very quickly.  Possibly instantly considering the record amount of solar PV deployment in the second half of 2015.
For the anaerobic digestion and hydro technologies we are still awaiting a consultation and should receive news on this on the 16th as well.
If you haven’t spoken to your MP its still not to late and please visit https://www.regensw.co.uk/blog/2015/10/businesses-take-action-on-the-fit-review-lobby-your-mp/ for information on how to do so.

October News

October has seen a whole host of actions from Community Energy Groups and larger organisations such as RegenSW and Community Energy England to oppose the planned changes to FITs.
There is a growing wave of anger and disbelief about the changes, including from within the Conservative Party about the speed and scope of what is occurring and it’s effects on the industry.

  • 361 Energy have released a video here as have 10:10 here. Lots of local community energy groups also took part in the South West Solar Day of Action on 16th October, contacting and visiting their local MPs.
  • Greenpeace and Community Energy England are running a press campaign which has already seen articles in The Guardian and The Daily Mail.
  • Community Energy England have released a report based on a survey of groups who will be affected by the change in FITs. CEE have asked that we all share this report far and wide, not least to our local MPs. Download it here.
  • If you wish to be represented in the current DECC consultation on planned changes, you need to do this by this FRIDAY 23rd OCTOBER!

Beyond the FITs…

  • Al Gore spoke at a Green Alliance event called Beyond Paris. See his criticism of current government policy here.
  • Shell have announced that they will stop drilling for oil in the Arctic, at least in part due to public protests! More here.
  • Amber Rudd‘s speech to the Conservative Party conference gave little sign of a change in position on Renewables.


September News

Feed in tariff pre-accreditation

The government’s consultation to withdraw pre-accreditation for the feed-in-tariff scheme ended on 19th August.

Pre-accreditation is the mechanism by which projects can be given a guaranteed feed-in-tariff rate while the project is still in development, which helps give confidence to investors that projects will be financially viable before they are actually installed. We have worked with Regen SW and Community Energy England to lobby the government on this issue, but it is expected that they will press ahead with it in September. We remain hopeful that it will be reinstated for community projects at some point, but do not have a clear picture of timescales at this point.

To view the consultation see here.

Skilling Up for Local Economic Change, Totnes, Aug 22-23.

This two-day course is designed for members of community groups, organisers, activists, local leaders – anyone, really, who is interested in making real economic change where they live. Based on our experience in Totnes and elsewhere, this course will include useful ideas and theories, and lots of practical tools. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of local economics, how to organise change making project, and a real feeling of confidence. Topics include:

• economics – assumptions and aspirations
• community engagement
• key ideas in local economics
• mapping and assessments
• networks beyond the usual suspects
• messages and frames
• design charrette

There are just a few places left available on a sliding scale from £5 to £100. See here for the booking page and more info.

Community Energy Conference and Awards, Sat Sept 5th, Oxford More

Following the success of its 2013 and 2014 national events, Co-operative Energy is pleased to announce its Community Energy Conference 2015. This year’s event is titled ‘New Government, New Dawn’ and will be jointly hosted with Community Energy England. The Conference will also be the launch event for Community Energy Fortnight 2015, which is also sponsored by Co-operative Energy.

More info here.

Westminster Briefing: After the Green Deal: Energy Efficient Homes Under the New Government
Sept 22nd 11.00am – 3.30pm

With manifesto commitments to “ensure that every home and business in the country has a Smart Meter by 2020” and “insulate a million more homes over the next five years”, how will the Government meet its targets and what will come after the Green Deal?

More info here.