Public Meeting and AGM – Report

ECOE Public meeting and AGM – Report

We had a great turnout for our public meeting and AGM on Monday 22d June – thanks to everyone who came. It was, as always, a really engaging and positive event, focusing on a review of our first year and future possibilities including renewable heat, local energy supply, energy efficiency and ground mounted solar projects.


Public Meeting

Review of year 1
While we do not yet have enough roofs signed up to Solar PV1 to make a viable share offer, reviewing our first year reminded us all just how much we have achieved in that time. We have created a thriving and dynamic community of people dedicated to furthering community energy in Exeter, put together a lot of the financial, business and admin structures of a healthy project, conducted a massive range of community engagement activities, raised thousands of pounds in funding, and not least surveyed hundreds of roofs in Exeter. Some of these have gone on to install their own PV, so positive change if not the kind we had intended.

Future possibilities
We discussed various ideas for the future. New ECOE director Alistair Mumford, an expert in renewable heat from Regen SW, gave a presentation on how ECOE might be able to move into this sector, highlighting successful schemes in other parts of Europe and the government’s enthusiasm for progressing them here. We also heard brief updates on an energy efficiency wing of ECOE, the exciting new area of local supply, and opportunities in ground mounted solar projects in the Exeter area.



Two of our founding directors – Jeff Ridley and Matthew Griffey (Griff to you and us!) – sadly decided not to seek re-election at the AGM. They need to take more time to focus on their day jobs and personal lives but will continue to be involved as volunteers and supporters. A huge thank you to Jeff and Griff for the time and energy they have put into ECOE so far.

The remaining six founding directors were re-elected, and joining them are Alistair Mumford and Miles David, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the renewables sector – welcome aboard to both! We presented the annual report and accounts, both of which were approved. The papers for the AGM are available here

Annual Report
Annual Accounts


So a big thank you again to everyone who was there, and all of you who have helped bring ECOE to this position since we launched in February last year. This would not have been possible without each and every one of you.