Watch again: Wise Up About Green Retrofit with ECOE’s Webinar

Come to our webinar to find out how to boost your home's energy efficiency

Come to our webinar to find out how to boost your home’s energy efficiency

Energy generation, distribution and use is changing radically. Today, renewable energy is cheaper than ever, whereas fossil-fuels are dangerous for climate change. Meanwhile, new technologies could radically re-shape our homes, workplaces and communities. ECOE therefore wants to improve people’s energy literacy. Therefore, we want everybody to know about the changes that are coming so that no-one is left behind. So we are now running webinars to provide trustworthy information about the changes to come.

We ran our second webinar from 7-8pm on Wednesday November 18 on Zoom. It covered what retrofit is and how you get work done. We also discussed ECOE’s plan to offer a retrofit advice service. Our experts explored how insulation affects heat and moisture retention. Then we also looked at current low-carbon heating options, how they’re evolving. We also discussed pre-made Energiesprong retrofit. Watch if you need basic information, or if you have more advanced questions. Our speakers included:

  • Tara Bowers –ECOE
  • Alastair Mumford – Devon County Council/ECOE
  • Mark Howard – Regen
  • Rob Rickey – Rob Rickey Design

Thanks to them, after listening to this webinar, you will:

  • Understand retrofitting your house to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissons better
  • Know about the most simple measures that you can easily install in your house
  • Find out about more complex measures
  • Know more about how insulation and ventilation influence heat and moisture retention
  • Discover what ECOE is doing to help people install these measures

Watch the replay of this webinar below.