Report from the AGM 2017

Our third AGM took place on Tuesday 6th June. Thirty of our members plus other supporters were present to hear all about what ECOE had been doing for the last year, vote on payments to the community fund and members interest, ECOE accounts and directors. Our partners, funders and all supporting ECOE were thanked including Gabriel Wondrausch, a founding director who was stepping down this year. Refreshments were provided by Stephen Scown, which was very much appreciated by all.

You can read a review of the last years activities and an update since Jan 31st and ECOE’s future plans in the annual report and see the presentation.

It was agreed unanimously to pay members interest at 5% p.a. for 14 months.
It was also agreed unanimously to pay £3,000 as a first payment into ECOE’s community fund to fund local energy saving projects and help with fuel poverty.

After the AGM, a collaborative conversation took place focusing on future priorities for ECOE, setting up the community fund and sharing income between the community fund, members interest and organisational costs.

Regarding the last topic, ECOE’s model has been to minimise money allocated to organisational costs. These costs include communications and community engagement, website, insurance, member services, conferences and training and new project development. ECOE has preferred to raise new project development costs from grant funding, however this is proving difficult, now that the UCEF grant has ended.

One suggestion was that in future years, members might like to donate their interest specifically to the development of new projects, or after receiving their interest, choose to donate a part of their interest for new projects.

We can have more exploration about this possibility before next year AGM and next interest payment. If any member is considering this, with part of their interest this year please contact ECOE.

A summary of the collaborative conversation can be found in the notes below.

You can download all of the relevant papers and the presentation

Annual Report Presentation
Annual Report
Draft minutes
Notes from the collaborative conversation